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From the Humanistic Area of the Legal Clinic of the University of Sinú, protection actions have been presented in defense of the fundamental rights of the users of the Legal Clinic, such as the right to education, the right to health, the vital minimum, the human dignity.

Petition rights in which information has been requested from some entities such as SENA, the Risk Center such as CIFIN for the purpose of making corrections related to the financial status of some applicants. In the same way, legal forums have been held in which documentaries such as "The path of the anaconda", "Marx: Reloaded", "Comments on the Freud series: law and psychoanalysis" have been exhibited, in which built spaces for reflection around law and critical thinking. On the other hand, legal updating events have been held such as "Critical Theories of Law", "Arbitration: Colombia and Peru", Legal Education for Domination", with the aim of exposing important issues for the humanistic area and the law .

Some of the actions that have been presented from this area are specifically actions of guardianship with the purpose of defending the fundamental rights of the users of the Office and rights of petition in which necessary information has been requested for the users. Regarding the activities, legal film forums, update sessions and activities such as workshops with students have been carried out. This with the aim of working, strengthening and cultivating the humanistic aspect in the study and application of Law. These activities have been focused on subjects and topics such as Anthropology, Sociology and Philosophy of Law, Economics, General Theory of Law and Conflict Management.


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