The mirror class is a strategy that allows academic interaction between teachers and students from two institutions located in different cities and/or countries, it consists of the creation of a homologous space through videoconferences, which are supported by digital tools. that promote communication in real time between the participants, in which they can share syllabus, address specific topics of the different disciplines offered by each educational institution, carry out activities, workshops, exchange bibliography and more.

The objective of the activity is to allow students to experience an academic exchange in a virtual way, which contributes to the development of multicultural competences of the university community, forging a global vision of the current challenges of society, based on inter-institutional cooperation, international and national, in a way that strengthens professional and comprehensive training, labor competitiveness and problem-solving ability, as well as improving the quality of education, in addition to strengthening the internationalization of teaching and the activation of national and international academic networks, generating a great impact for the incoming and outgoing mobility of teachers and students.

Head of International Relations


International Cooperation Coordinator



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