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Libraries are crucial parts of the education and research system, as a repository of knowledge in books and through their offer of access to texts provided by CDs or the Internet. In a world where information has become one of the most precious assets for the economic, social and cultural growth of nations, having an up-to-date library and modern technical resources is essential.

For these reasons, the Universidad del Sinú, Cartagena Section, makes the Elías Bechara Z. Library available to the student community to complement their access to knowledge.


The Library, as a repository of knowledge, supports the academic and research process that is projected and carried out at the University, thus contributing to its comprehensive training and stimulating the appropriation of new information and communication technologies.


The Library is visualized in 10 years, as possessing some information and communication technologies, which will allow its user community to enjoy a range of possibilities, to meet the universe of knowledge, not only in its headquarters, but also from the place where it is required, thus promoting their academic, research and competitive development.


  • Contribute to the integral development of the members of the community to the development of the professions, through the cultivation of the intellect in the academic exercise.
  • Manage, coordinate and process information resources in traditional and/or audiovisual format, aimed at the intellectual, academic and scientific strengthening of the Unisinuana community.
  • Provide the teacher, student and researcher with updated information sources that contribute to the quality and effectiveness of teaching, research and extension.
  • Provide information services that allow each individual of the University community to be the main agent of their own improvement based on the appropriation of ICTs.