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The Elías Bechara Zainúm Library, as an academic and research support unit, offers its community information resources in traditional, audiovisual and virtual formats. For its rational and effective use of the resources it offers, a series of provisions are required.

In order to make more efficient the management and dissemination of written and audiovisual information resources managed by the Elías Bechara Zainúm library, the University of Cartagena Sectional Sinu has designed this Manual of Coexistence of the Library so that all its users: students, teachers, students, researchers, employees of the University of Sinú, people accredited before the library, as members of the entities with which it has an agreement and the members of the academic and scientific community can access the information in fair conditions and are informed of the rules and conditions of service.

Know the Manual of Coexistences of the Unisinú Library