1. Request to email: , the activation of the Platform, attaching the Approval Certificate for the Learning Methodology Course*
  1. Enter and fill out the registration form Click here.
  1. Submit the requested documents for each Income Mode, consult on the Website. to email
  1. You will receive confirmation that your documents meet the requirements and will be forwarded to the Program Directorate for study.
  1. Admitted: The Program Director will send an official letter reporting the study carried out and you must confirm acceptance.
  1. With the acceptance of the study by the applicant, the registration form is generated.
  1. Enrollment: Download from the Enrollment form STEP 5. The Enrollment payment flyer and pay the value on the established dates.
  2. Send the canceled invoice to the e-mail
  3. The subjects will be registered from the Academic Registration Office who will notify you of the closure of the process.

* Applies for RE-ENTRY