The Research Directorate of the University of Sinú "Elías Bechara Zainúm" Cartagena section seeks to contribute to the comprehensive training of its students through knowledge management, making research an instrument of constant training at all levels, as well as the mechanism for the permanent search for new knowledge that stimulates its own development and the solution of problems of the nation, in harmony and identity with the community, with the human beings that make it up and with the constant need to obtain achievements that improve the quality life of the community in general.


We will be the most attractive research proposal in the region due to its teaching and research structure, its laboratory resources for research and the pertinent administrative support for the generation of knowledge, consolidating the scientific community in all fields of knowledge, under bioethical principles already through socially useful investigative actions.


  • Increase scientific and technological activity through the creation of Research Centers in the Faculties, which help improve the quality of degree projects and the motivation and training to present specific unidisciplinary, multidisciplinary, and interdisciplinary research projects in the different knowledge areas.
  • Promote the training of professors and students of the University of Sinú in Methodology and Techniques of Scientific Research, for the formulation of proposals and research projects.
  • Publish and Disseminate the research work and the provision of services carried out by professors and students of the Universidad del Sinú.
  • Establish agreements with public entities for the development of extension research activity and provision of services, at the inter-institutional level.
  •  Promote the development of Research Seedbeds in students as an integral part of the academy's teaching.
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