Why make a mobility?

Student Exchange Program that provides the opportunity for students from the University of Sinú Elías Bechara Zainúm to carry out undergraduate studies during an academic period at a University on the Caribbean Coast through the “Move along the coast” Program.

Broaden your educational perspective.

You know other cultures.

You create networks of national contacts.

It allows you to acquire greater maturity and adapt to changes.

Make your resume more competitive

Types of Mobility


It is a program that allows the university student to participate in academic activities in an institution other than the one of origin.

Period: 1 semester

Requirements to Apply for Academic Mobility:

  • Coherence between the applicant's profile and the program to be carried out.
  • Undergraduate Academic Average 3.50.
  • Be enrolled at least in the third semester in an undergraduate course.
  • Not have any disciplinary or academic sanction.
  • Application form
  • Outgoing Exchange Checklist
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