This space is designed exclusively for you who are Proudly Unisinuans, in which you will find all the information of interest to graduates and the tools they require to strengthen the relationship with their Alma Mater.

The Unisinuan community of Alumni is of the utmost importance for the academy, for this reason, we care about maintaining contact with our own, so that they never completely detach themselves from their second home: the university. We constantly do activities that keep us always attentive to what is happening in the life of our Unisinuana community.

The Extension and Alumni Coordination is pleased to welcome you to its own space for Alumni.


Manage, maintain and strengthen the links and relationship between undergraduate and postgraduate graduates and the institutional dynamics of the Universidad del Sinú, Cartagena Section, through strategies of inclusion and permanent participation that facilitate the exchange of contributions, which result in the integral enrichment of the graduates and the other actors of the Unisinuan community. Based on continuous improvement in all actions.


In the year 2025 the thread of Graduates of the University of Sinú, Elías Bechara Zainúm – Cartagena Sectional, will be recognized within the university community for its tradition and solidity in the effectiveness of its management in order to facilitate the comprehensive development of graduates and encourage their integration into institutional dynamics. And in the environment of our alma mater, as a consolidated physical and professional structure that directs professional follow-up actions as a tool for the continuous improvement of academic programs, as well as a relevant scenario for intermediation, labor and the management of proposals for development. region of.


To be a bridge of permanent connection between the Universidad del Sinú, Elías Bechara Zainúm – Cartagena Section, its graduate professionals and the social environment, fostering comprehensive development and quality of life as dimensions of significant training.


  • Update the identification and location data of undergraduate and postgraduate graduates.
  • Keep them renewed through automated and efficient procedures.
  • Card all graduate students and make them aware of the institutional benefits and services.
  • Promote spaces for institutional participation through the Association of Graduates of the University of Sinú (ASOEUS), University Welfare and Social Projection.
  • Cooperate in the lines of application and development of Social Projection and Extension in congruence with the needs of the environment, responsible awareness and institutional extension.
  • Summon graduates to institutional academic, scientific, cultural and social events.
  • Give recognition to the personal and professional achievements of the graduates by mentioning them in the different events and access publications.
  • Promote scientific-investigative culture to present to the alumni community the interest and action of the University in the production of new knowledge.
  • Monitor professional development needs to create opportunities in the academic and personal preparation of graduates.
  • Link to the labor market in the functions of evaluation and professional placement of graduates through agreements and strategic alliances.
  • Evaluate the relevance of the Unisinú graduate by correlating the needs of the environment and the training of the programs. In accordance, propose curricular renewals.

Are you doing your degree process?

Next, you will find the step by step that you must carry out to obtain the signature of peace and safe from the coordination of graduates

  1. Students (ONLY UNDERGRADUATE) must fill out the “Moment 0” survey issued by the labor observatory. See instructions HERE poll Click here
  2. Students must fill out the online survey “Graduate Appreciation Survey. In the following link Click here
  3. Students must fill out the Graduating Student Data Update form online Click here

The Graduate Coordination will review your process and send its approval for your safe peace to the Office of Admissions, Registration and Academic Control.

You are one step away from being a Proudly Unisinuan Alumni.

Why is it important to you to have your Graduate card?

Carrying the Graduate Card, the graduate has:

  • Institutional Benefits: You can continue entering the University facilities and attend events organized by the Institution, make use of the Library, play areas, sports venues including the gym and fields, belong to sports teams and folk groups, discounts in continuing education, among others.
  • Commercial Benefits: You can receive economic discounts in the acquisition of services and products offered by the companies with which the Universidad del Sinú has an agreement. See Club Benefits

What to do if you lose your Graduate card?


The graduate must request the generation of a payment slip for card renewal to the Financial Area, sending an email to  auxcontable4@unisinucartagena.edu.co  specifying the following data:

  • Full name
  • Identification number
  • Program from which he is a graduate.

After the assigned cancellation, you must request the printing of the card to the Identification Area by sending an email to coordinatingaudiovisuales@unisinucartagena.edu.co   attaching the scanner canceled receipt. And later you will be informed when you can receive it.

Guide of inscription “Employment if any”